Our Origins

Damon began creating art when he was just a child, inspired by his deep love of the natural world and a fascination with the other-world of mythology and fantasy.

As a young adult, Damon's drive to create actually led him to another art form — ballet. As a professional dancer he performed soloist roles for the Oakland Ballet, Menlowe Ballet and the San Francisco Opera. Despite the rigorous training and rehearsal schedule, Damon continued to sketch almost daily.

"For me, drawing was a relaxing escape, almost a form of meditation. I never thought it would lead to my next career."

After twelve years on stage, Damon retired from ballet without knowing what was next. But before long, he found himself pulled into the world of textiles. Inspired by the ornate costumes and fluid movement of dance, he began exploring the art of making scarves through knitting, sewing and embroidery. The resulting collection of hand-knit scarves led to the launch of Damon Grey in boutiques across Marin County and San Francisco, California.

Following that first offering in 2017, Damon continued to experiment, exploring the use of high-quality digital technology to transform his artwork into vibrant textiles.

Today, the Damon Grey offering reflects that creative effort through a wide assortment of artful scarves, each featuring Damon’s original artwork. Along with those, the brand is also offering its first leather accessory, the Diamond Tote.

Now it’s your turn to explore - and we hope you find something that inspires you.


Our Inspirations

While delving into the world of printing on textiles, Damon returned to his original inspiration; ancient music, mythology, fantasy and botany in the form of art and design across the centuries. As he began to create, he found himself pulled into the past, a designer on a modern-day silk road. Embracing his inner whimsy, Damon began to sketch dragons, griffins, the ouroborous, serpents, peacocks and an array of floral images.

"I like to design an image that is a twist on ancient art, and re-interpret it with colors that fit the wardrobe of a modern-day person. It creates a unique bridge between the then and the now."


Our Products

Every one of Damon's scarf designs begins as an original watercolor painting. The painting is then scanned and digitally transformed into an intricate pattern for printing on various types of luxury textiles. The printing is done in Montreal, Canada using a low-waste reactive dye process and almost always on-demand to further reduce our impact. From there, the scarves voyage to the United States for hand and machine finishing at our studio in Northern California.